Bone Thugs – Waves Review

So it seems like Bone Thugs just don’t have quit on their mind. They have this new album call “Waves”. Let me make it clear it is not the whole group it’s just Krayzie Bone and Bizzy Bone. I know in a interview they both had Krayzie made it clear they were calling it “Bone Thugs” and not BTIH because they dont want to confuse people thinking its the whole group. So Let’s Go.

Now Bone Thugs was saying its a whole all new. Yea it maybe be new music but it’s still the same Bone Thugs we all know. It’s just more on the mellow side and me myself have been waiting on something like this from them. A couple of song on the album i like is “Waves” witch has thw whole BTIH group and also “Coming Home” Ft. Stephen Marley.

Over all ill say “Yes” to the album. Lile i said its a more mellow side of Bone Thugs and this type of album should have been in the works a long time ago. Just taking a wild guess we will be seeing more of Bone wether its Bone Thugs or the whole group.

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Album Cover Of Waves

Bone Thugs – Waves Review

DJ Khaled-Grateful Review

So i been waiting on this DJ Khaled Grateful album. I even skiped a week of writing because it got me all messwd up. So lets get to it. Let’s Go.

So DJ Khaled did this time around. I have not heard of a good album from him since ” Suffering From Success”. Now i cant speak on ” I Changed A Lot” because i haven’t heard it yet but i will say ” Major Key” was not all that good. Sure he had few hits along the way up until this album but that should be expected. Back to the album at hand.

It seem to me he spend a little more time on this album or he just took his time. He has alot of good artist om thia albums and as always and along with a few that he has work with before. As always DJ Khaled just has to make a hot beat and habe someone sing or rap to it. You can still make a mess of that but most times he doesnt and thisnis one of those times. 

This album has 22 tracks and what i lve about it is that you get 20 songs. Most albumes these days you get like 10 tracks and more than half the songs are trash. A few good songs are (i can’t believe im sating this one) “Shining” ft. Beyonce and Jay-Z, “Unchanging Love” ft. Marvado and “Don’t Quit” ft. Travis Scott, Jerrmih and you even got Calvin Harris on the beat.

Over all i say “Yes”. I been coming across alot of wack album last few months ( i know i haven’t posted regularly but I still been listening to music) So this is a brake through for me and i believe there is still hope. Ifbyou haven’t got a copy of the album go out and get it. Its worth the buy.

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Album Cover For “Grateful”

DJ Khaled-Grateful Review