Lil Yachty – Teenage Emotions Review

So i got this Lil Yachty album so lets get in to it.

So I’m just going to jump right into it. The only 2 good song in this album are “All Around Me” and “Running With A Ghost” and i think that one is just okay. Now i never heard his other albumsbut im sure at some point i will.

One thing i wanted to point out is the ablum cover witch i find very “Merica” this day and age. When you look at it you’ll see all kinds of different people and in different i mean its not just black and white. You see a gay couple kissing. A Black lady in the front with that skin disease. A lady to his left with green hair. I mean if i had to rate the ablum off the cover i would say this ia great but…the album is not. 

Over all i say 👎 No to the album. Lil Yachty just like many others are just riding in the new wave of todays “Rap music”. I dont believe he has any lasting power. Maube a few hit ans that would be it. 

What do you think? Let me know down below and dont forget to like. Thanks for reading.

Albume Cover Of Teenage Emotions

Lil Yachty – Teenage Emotions Review

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