Rick Ross – Rather You Than Me.

I know its been a min but i am back on this here. Today i have my review on the new Rick Ross Rather You Than Me. It was recommended by my man Lachy Osirus aka Fat Caesar. You can also check him out too over at Facebook and Youtube. Let him know who sent you. Lets go.

Now this Ross 9th studio album and what i really like about Ross he never changed up his style. You here is forst album and you listen to anyother album agter that it will be the same style. Other rapper over time will just switch up and you dont even know who the hell your listen too but in some cases rapper have to do that to make it work. Not Ross, he kept it the same all the way. 

Couple songs that cought my eye were “Alple Of My Eye” and “Scientology”. Over all i say….Check it out. You get the same Rick Ross style with fresh new beats. I really see were my man Fat Caesar is comong from with this one.

What do you you think? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out Fat Caesar on Youtube. Thanks for reading.

Album Cover Of Rather You Than Me.

Rick Ross – Trap Trap Trap Ft. Young Thug & Wale

Rick Ross – Rather You Than Me.

DJ Mustard – Cold Summer review.

Hey hey everyone I’m here. I got another album I reviewed. It’s DJ Mustard Cold Summer. This one was also given to me from Son Of A Beasst. Now if you haven’t checked out my last album review go ahead and do so now along with links to my man Son Of A Beasst. He got his own Imgur page check it out. I’ll leave the link down below.

Now when Beasst sent me this album I was readyto turn it down based of the last album. Don’t get me wrong his Last album wasn’ta total lost. He has some good hits but it wasn’t a great album it was a “check it out” at best.

This album is wow. You don’t judge a book by it cover. Based of this album DJ Mustard comes off as one of those artist he started slow and now boom. Now we all know he is just the man behind the beat so you know he going to have a lot of artists on the album such as YG, Jeezy, Rich The Kid and TY Dolla $ign just to name some. A couple of songs I like on the album are “Lil Baby” and “Want Her”.

Over all I say “Yes” to this album. I believe DJ Mustard hit it on the head this time. With the help of other rappers and singers he kept it gangster and hardcore but also gave us something to dance too.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to like. Also don’t forget to check out my man Son Of A Beasst. His link is down below. Thanks for reading. 

Link to Son Of. A Beasst Imgur page.

Album Cover Of Cold Summer.

DJ Mustard – Cold Summer review.